A message from us millennials

I get tired of older people and the media constantly criticising our generation, when our generation are actually the majority protesting for all the poverty, corruption, wars and horrible little twatty parts of society to end. This is because we look at the past and learn from it instead of just going along with the cycle.

For some reason, people tend to forget these important things. It may be a lack of intelligence,  I don’t know, but they forget what’s right and confusingly, what’s right is left (this liberal cheekily winks at the reader). The Charlottesville riots recently are obviously evidence of this, as is every other hideous bigoted attack, talk of nuclear war, bullshit aspect of this failing society that we in the millennial left try and combat.

I’m 22 and I went to see Dunkirk with my 25 year old friend. It was an an amazing film and we found it a touching tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for our country. I even cried a bit thinking about the unimaginable horrors of war. Next to us were a couple, around 40 years old or so, who were talking, laughing loudly and couldn’t give a fuck about the film’s message. They even left a quarter way through. Granted they don’t represent an entire generation, but you see I have the capability of understanding that they don’t represent an entire generation. Whereas the media will heap us lot in the scrap pile based on the actions of a few.

Speaking of which, I’m going to just leave this list of c-bombs here that belong to previous gens.

  • Tony Blair
  • George Bush
  • Trump
  • Trump’s Cabinet
  • Theresa May
  • UKIP
  • Katie Hopkins
  • David Cameron

And granted we also have wonderful people older than us:

  • Barack Obama
  • Jeremy Corbyn (The Corbz)
  • Bernie Sanders
  • The majority of Hollywood and the music scene

What we as millenials are good at is not just saying everything is bad based on the actions of a few. I don’t think all white people are Nazis based on Charlottesville or WW2. Because generalising is an old way of thinking. However, saying Nazis are all bad isn’t a hard conclusion to come to, is it? Having a knowledge of morality and history are the two most important things that can be taught to us. And even some of the Nazis can come over to our side and be reformed through this, it has happened.

It’s all about combatting ignorance. Learning from the past. Getting rid of hatred.

I hear in the news that “millennials have a lot to answer for.” To that I ask, who raised the millennials? Who built the shite system for them to grow up in? Who tolerated this? Yeah that Manic Street Preachers song with the line, “if you tolerate this then your children will be next”: THAT WAS ABOUT YOU, YOU SPONGE-BRAINED GOONS. Now it’s about us and I hope dearly we do a better job at heeding that warning than you did. You can’t blame society’s ailments, the political fuckscape, the economy, global warming and the internet on us if your age group created them and allowed them to develop before we were even sperm. If the world ends now it will most likely be 50 years olds and above who did it. And if the world wants to get better maybe more of those older people should reflect their judgement inwards. We for the most part like to notice and correct our flaws. You should do the same.

Although, the fidget spinner plague, The Emoji Movie and a sea of endless vapid Youtubers like Jake Paul may be our bad, so sorry about them.

Anyway here are some tweets from us defending our existence, and may I also just point out that we don’t buy diamonds because it’s a mostly corrupt exploitative industry forged on the blood of African people. Ahem.

Words and art by Jess Brown

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