Single review: ‘His Physique’ by Velodrome

‘His Physique’ offers a quirky, bizarre and interesting insight into the mind of Katherine Christie Evans, who goes by the moniker of Velodrome. She sings playfully of her personal fascination with queering the male figure and her intrigue with the medieval, with lyrics like “lean and slender, no particular gender, with renaissance hands”. The lyrics are fun and the imagery.

When her soprano acrobatic vocal came in, it brought to mind Tori Amos’s ‘Fairytale’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. It’s clear to hear that Velodrome is classically trained with the ability to leap from note to note effortlessly. Despite these resemblances, Velodrome is unique in her sound. The music is experimental, blending electro-pop with lo-fi alternative rock. The song is upbeat and catchy.

Similarly to Tori Amos’ style, the song doesn’t follow the standard industry structure, moving beyond into something a lot more complex. The diverse and complicated structure mirrors her interest in Baroque music, which similarly darts from note to note. The melodies are memorable and well thought out. She plays with different techniques – from melismatic singing to almost spoken word in parts.

Overall, this lively and catchy track is clearly coming from someone unafraid to express herself and sing from a personal viewpoint, which is a huge strength. I must’ve played the song about ten times and could listen to it more! I look forward to hearing the other tracks on the EP.

Ella Patenall

Ella Patenall is a musician from North London who plays guitar and sings backing vocals in an acoustic duo. She loves writing about all things musical and keeps up a blog.  In her spare time she also enjoys going to gigs, collecting vinyl and boxing. In her day job, she works as a marketing executive. 

Image: Velodrome

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