Who said cassette is dead? Certainly not us!

Listen to our exclusive podcast nattering to 19-year-old (yes that’s right) Tallulah Webb, who started the Leeds based cassette label Sad Club Records. From creating collaborative zines to recording whole albums herself, we are absolutely crushing on this dream boat of a young creative.

Hear how she came up with the enticing name Sad Club Records and get a lesson on how to record an album whilst producing piles of PR.

But never mind all the technical jibber jabber! Our girl has connections all over the music industry, with a dad who has helped to shoot Kate Bush and Elton John music videos and I also think I heard a mention of…David Bowie! With a synth here and a cello over there Tallulah is rocketing her way through a BA in music, as well as running the record label. Get some first-hand knowledge on all the need-to-know unearthly music talent around, including all things flared and glittery.

But don’t get us wrong, it hasn’t always been such a smooth road, being a young female in a male dominated industry. But who’s the one laughing now!

Yes, we’ve packed it all into 38 minutes ready to penetrate your ears. Thank us later.

Jess Doolan

Listen to the podcast below:


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