Natural Selection: Moxie and Saoirse @ Headrow House, 10/11/18

Moxie is a name that is fast climbing the ladder of success, and the London-based future legend is an experienced DJ playing a range of clubs all over the world. Weaving between the worlds of underground and mainstream and never losing the balance, Moxie has fast become one of the UK’s hottest DJs. Joining her tonight is Saoirse, whose roots in the Irish rave scene have shaped her into another one of London’s finest selectors. Her passion for a vast array of genres creates an unmistakable sound often heard over the channels of London’s Rinse FM. Last, but definitely not least, is Alex T of On Rotation, who is definitely getting to be something of a Leeds legend with his relaxed and off-the-cuff selections.

Walking into a smoke-filled and loud atmosphere, Natural Selection’s trademark audio-visual instalment is flooding the dark basement-like room with alternating pink and green patterns. Diverging from schedule and instead taking the form of a very fun b2b, Saoirse brings playful broken beats, getting the crowd moving and sparring with Alex T as they work off of one another’s energy; in turn he breaks out squelchy acid and heavy breaks. Soon it is the turn of Moxie who brings with her a heavy house beat and care-free attitude, amping it up and working the crowd.

The trio mix and blend in perfect harmony with one another, flowing from track to track dancing with one another as their crowd do the same, moving in time and laughing. The technical ability and track selection of the three is unquestionable. In alignment they progress, working off the crowd. Moxie brings in a bouncy house tune followed Alex T who unleashes garage with a soulful vocal, then Saoirse who mixes in a beat that creates some of the wildest dance moves I’ve seen for a good while. Unstated but unquestionably high quality, these sets weren’t one to miss.

Featured image shows Moxie by Jimi Herrtage

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