Miles Kane @ O2 Academy, 29/11/18

Miles Kane has been around for a long time, but he is likely best known as being the co-frontman of The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner and a smash of a solo record, Colour Of the Trap. As expected for a huge indie figure, the O2 Academy was packed with lads in parkas and Fred Perry polos. Cabbage supported him but we didn’t see them; I have been avoiding them since the story broke about lead singer allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl when they supported Kasabian in 2017. Such a shame because I actually really enjoyed their music.

Miles Kane came on stage to blaring disco music with light reflecting off the spinning disco ball. Kane is clearly extremely talented; his huge guitar riffs absolutely stole the show. The best songs of the night were the ones that were the more guitar heavy, such the first album hits ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Come Closer’However, there was one point where he put the guitar down and was just stood in front of the mic stand singing and flailing about his arms in a Super Hans-esque manner. He clearly fancied himself as Liam Gallagher, calling on the crowd to sing back to him and make some appreciative noises but I found it a bit cringe really. He did win me back with a indie cover of Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff’ which worked really well and fit into the set as if it was a song of his own.

I missed a chunk of the set because I was somewhat distracted after some dick thought it was appropriate to take a huge grab of my arse as he walked past. I kind of froze and it really caught me off guard, by the time I had turned around to look I could just see the back of a short, stocky man in a black polo shirt waddling away into the crowd. I felt a bit helpless and like there was nothing I could really do so just tried to shrug it off and enjoy the rest of the night. A little while later a young lad came and asked me if I had been grabbed in the crowd. I nodded, somewhat confused, and he spoke to a steward. The steward then described the man to me and informed me that he had been thrown out and apologised for my experience. I think this shocked me more than actually being grabbed. I was so impressed with the way the O2 staff handled the situation. To have the incident taken seriously but also to have the staff make the effort to come and reassure me really made a difference. It’s great to see music venues changing their approach and responding to the calls for change from the audience. Initiatives such as Safe Gigs For Women have no doubt been instrumental in making women’s plight at gigs common knowledge and putting pressure on venues to act appropriately. I’m extremely grateful for this and the action taken by the O2 staff; hopefully they will be leading as examples to other venues. Their reaction instantly relaxed me, and I was able to get my head back into the show and enjoy it.

I love The Last Shadow Puppets, and Colour Of the Trap, so I’m really glad I got to finally see Miles Kane live but think a solo gig was a bit long for me. Maybe a festival set would have been better.

Megan Jones

Featured image: Lauren Dukoff

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