Lefty Scum @ The Wardrobe, 8/11/17

I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend the evening than in a room full of far lefties and a couple of protest singers and comedians. That’s basically what the Lefty Scum tour was. The energy, camaraderie and shared passion is something I love the most about gigs and this was just on another level.

The night included performances from the incredible protest singer Grace Petrie, who if you don’t know her already is definitely worth looking up. Her lyrics are haunting and bang on with songs such as ‘Farewell to Welfare where she addresses the media slamming of the LGBTQ* community. She ended the night with the song ‘Thou Shall Not Pass’ which she wrote about the Spanish revolution and features the lyrics, “I will not turn against my brother for his creed or for his colour/Nor the one he takes his lover or his class/You that beckon me that way you shall not pass”. It’s something that we could all do with remembering everyday. I genuinely felt a bit choked up listening to the passion in her voice as she sang her honest and heart felt lyrics and I will be keeping an eye out for if she comes back this way again.

Also playing were the witty and clever Jonny & the Baptists. Consisting of Jonny D and Patrick, a duo of talented musicians and comedians, neither of which talents seemed to be an after thought. Their songs were silly but had a strong lefty message that the crowd loved. They sang of nationalising the swans and the enthusiasm from Margret Thatcher’s funeral that could well motivate the society if it was done every week.

Completing the bill was the astute and hilarious Josie Long. In case you are not aware, Josie is a comedian, activist, podcaster and generally awesome lady. I was so pleased when Josie kindly agreed to meet me before the show to have a chat about the tour, I asked her about the inspiration for it and she told me: “Well so we are all friends, Jonny’s my boyfriend and Grace is a really good friend. We wanted to tour together. Like a nice way to do a show that we know would be really fun and we can do a few dates together like hang out and then we all obviously share the same politics so we thought it would be funny to do a show called that but initially when we thought of the idea it was in about February, we didn’t know the election was going to happen we didn’t know that was all going to change things so we wanted to do something that was like we’ll help keep people going! Whereas now it’s been really fun because it’s more of a celebration, it feels a lot more buoyant and a lot more optimistic so it’s been really lucky in that way. But yeah, it’s mainly so we could hang out and play to a nice crowd. And just like hang out with friends on stage and off really”. And that’s exactly how it felt, just like being in a room full of friends!

Megan Jones

Image: The Wardrobe Leeds

Sadly the Lefty Scum tour has now finished but if you want to keep up to date with any of the acts mentioned you can visit their websites and sign up to their mailing lists by following the links below:




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