Interview with Vanessa Jamie

Vanessa Jamie is playing The Lending Room on March 22nd alongside Tarzan Bros and Nag Champa. What a line-up! Event info here: 

What’s coming up next for Vanessa Jamie? Any thing exciting?

“There’s a lot coming! Think of this as the calm before the storm. – I’ve recently just completed the recordings for my EP and my Single which I’m planning on releasing very very soon, got a few festivals booked in this summer which should be good fun and in the midst of confirming management – it’s all a madness tbh, just gotta keep thanking God.”

For those that may not know you, how would you describe your sound? Who are your influences?
– “I sing soulful stuff to a funky bass line’ is what I usually to say, but nowadays Jazz Harmony tends to play a big part, (might have to add that in there somewhere, you heard it here first lol). But yeah, I’m a big fan of all the old school 90’s Soul/Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Funk. Shoutout to Lauryn Hill, D’angelo, Lalah Hathaway, Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, James Brown – all ah dat good stuffs! Jordan Rakei & Tom Misch are my dream collabs btw”

Which would you rather do, recording session or a live show? Why?

“LIVE SHOWS, LIVE SHOWS, LIVE SHOWS! As much as I love the recording process, I always like to leave the special nuances till when we’re on stage. Aside from that, the buzz and the vibe is indescribable nothing compares to it, seriously.”

Can you describe to me your fan base? Who is most likely to be at your shows or buying your music?
“I try to appeal to everyone, TRY. But I dunno I guess it’s just people who are into the same ish as me, people that can just vibes and understand where i’m coming from. Soul is universal though, In fact Music is universal, you just need to lay your cards on the table and pour out pure feeling then everyone can relate. As long as your feeling it, they will.”

As a singer songwriter what is the most important thing to you? What makes it all
worth while? E.g. Writing lyrics, your band mates, relationship with fans.

“The most important thing to me is the VIBES. Not just in music, in life. The Vibes need to be good, can’t deal negative energy, no sir. Through this you write good music, make good relationships, it just makes a perfect circle. And I love meeting people on the same page, whether its other musicians or fellow creatives, cause we definitely have it hard. Two creative minds are better than one.”

“bitch don’t kill my vibe”


Interview by Vicky Hollingworth

Photos by Megan Roe

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