5 Tips for Creatives to Stay Productive!

  • Schedule loads and loads of meetings (and expect that at least a third will be cancelled)

Scheduling meetings gets you in contact with a huge range of interesting and exciting people, and will give you tons of ideas for future projects. Meetings are a step forward from dreaming up an idea in your bedroom, and help you realise the realistic steps you can take to achieving your goal. Unfortunately, because of the nature of creative industries, people are flaky as hell, so expect cancellations!


Coffee coffee coffee.

  • Surround yourself with creative people

It’s important to stay inspired and there’s no easier way to do that than to make friends with creative people. There’s no feeling more exciting than buzzing an idea off a group of people who are all on your wavelength and are getting just as excited as you about it. Creative people always have a fresh take on the world, and putting an idea past your friends will always help you gain new perspectives on it.

Coffee coffee coffee

  • Get outside of your house to work

Whether this is the library, a local coffee shop or a nice spot in the park, just get out of the house to do work. Putting yourself in a fresh working environment encourages new ideas, and you’ll find inspiration from your surroundings. And when you’ve found your space and your vibe, don’t let it go! Keep at it ladies. And who knows, perhaps the hipster barista who made your cortado this morning will become the protagonist in your next short story.


Everyone’s got their place.

  • Be a yes person in order to get outside your comfort zone

There’s nothing more terrifying than launching yourself into the unfamiliar, but it’s a notorious method that produces notoriously fantastic art. So get yourself out there! Say yes to every opportunity offered to you, and you will not regret it. Get your finger in every pie: blogging, photography, radio, podcasting, music, sculpture, sketching. The more you develop and discover in totally unfamiliar areas, the more well-informed you are about the range of opportunities available in creative industries. And who knows? You may discover your inner Van Gogh, just waiting to burst out of you.

Creative Stuff.png

Do a bit of everything!

  • Plan, plan, plan!

Take this in three steps. Make a weekly plan; this could be weekly goals and tasks that you set out on Monday that you aim to have achieved by the last dregs of Sunday evening, sat in your pyjamas in front of the telly. Then make a monthly plan. At the beginning of each month, set out a big task that you wish to achieve in order to help your professional and creative development. And finally, make a yearly plan. This will help you set out an arc for your own long-term progression and keep you on track in the low moments. If you have a goal in sight, you’re more likely to take steps to achieve it!


Even if it’s written on a napkin… it’s still a plan!

And a bonus tip, because you deserve a bonus: stay happy and stay well!

Take the time to listen to your body and your mind. Don’t push yourself to sit down and work if you’re feeling anxious, unwell or depressed; know when you need a bit of looking after! Make yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up with a good book and allow yourself to reset so you can come back tomorrow with a fresh perspective.










Jemima Skala

Images: Megan Roe

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