Ty Segall @ Gorilla, MCR, 5/6/18

Sweaty, raucous and loud are just some of the words that could be used to describe Ty Segall and the Freedom Band’s set at Manchester Gorilla. The gig was certainly an experience and proved that Ty and his band are one of the greatest acts to see live.  

Ty Segall launched into the set with ‘Wave Goodbye’ and ‘Fanny Dog’ (funnily enough the real-life name of his dog), the opening track from Ty’s latest album Freedom’s Goblin. Much to the crowds’ delight, Ty also performed his incredible version of Hot Chocolate’s 1978 classic ‘Every 1’s a Winner’. The short sharp guitar riffs and heavy drums would make any first-time listener assume the song is a Ty Segall original, as opposed to an excellent reworking of a disco number from the 70s.

When watching Ty and his band perform an intense set at a relatively small venue, the diversity of their sound and musical talent is amplified. Throughout the 18 song setlist, Ty effortlessly moved between psychedelic Hawkwind-esque numbers to those reminiscent of early Black Sabbath. The crowd were also eager recipients to new tracks from Freedom’s Goblin that Ty has described as being heavily influenced by 70s disco classics.

Throughout the entire gig, the audience appeared to be one big sweaty mass of moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing. Ty Segall and the Freedom Band were in no way phased by this and were more than willing to participate. Towards the end of the gig Ty even offered his guitar to the crowd, allowing audience members to hold down the right chords as he ripped into another headbanger.

It is obvious that Ty and his band love performing. Only a couple hours before the gig, Ty recorded a live session on BBC Radio 6 Music for DJ Marc Riley who also made it to watch the show. During the hour and a half set, the band maintained an impossible level of energy that was showcased through the 10-minute epic ‘Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)’. From 2017’s Ty Segall, this song became the highlight of the evening, driving the crowd wild with relentless guitar riffs, jazz infused keyboard and an incessant drum beat that at times only just managed to keep it all together.

If you haven’t heard of Ty Segall and/or haven’t seen a live performance, then I seriously recommend listening to some of his songs and catching a live show.

Phoebe Berman

Image: Denée Segall

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