Too Afraid To Say by The Ones You Forgot

If you are looking to find some new pop rock to get into I can recommend The Ones You Forgot. Hailing from New Jersey, the band is led by vocalist and lyricist Jenna Bruno, with Ferdinand Benauro and Matt Thompson on guitar, Lance Nelson on bass and Justin Rodman on drums. Their recent EP Too Afraid To Say was released on 29th June.

Their latest single ‘One Step Ahead’, taken from the EP, sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on the latest MTV Rocks CD or on the American Pie soundtrack. As someone who listened to a lot of Good Charlotte and Blink 182 as a young teenager, I found this familiarity quite comforting and instantly related to the music, with the guitar reminding me of jumping around in the living room at one of my friend’s houses without a care in the world.  

Having strong female vocals is very refreshing, particularly within this genre, and Jenna’s voice instantly bring visions of Hayley Williams circa 2007. The six tracks on the EP, starting with ‘One Step Ahead’, tell a very relatable story. ‘Here Forever’ seems like an optimistic break up song with a great guitar solo towards the end, whereas ‘Luna’ is much slower and evokes the feeling that the formerly described break up did not go as desired. The acoustic guitar seems very delicate, particularly compared to the other tracks, this is contrasted with Jenna’s powerful and emotive vocals that hold the focus of this tune.

‘Everywhere, Everything’ seems to show some resolution to the emotions felt in the other songs. The lyrics suggest a sense of freedom and release from the feelings that had been experienced. ‘Listen Up’ follows on from this with the hurt from ‘Luna’ being channelled into frustration at the lack of effort someone is putting into a relationship, something I am sure that many can relate to. ‘Too Afraid To Say’ concludes the EP and appears to highlight a sense of personal growth and comfort in being who you are, even if this is not the popular opinion. The line, “If it’s me against the world then I will find a way to fight on my own,” feels like a celebration of independence and a contentment with being yourself.

If this sounds like something you are interested in finding more about be sure to check out The Ones You Forgot on Soundcloud and follow them on social media.

Megan Jones

Photo by Dieter Unrath

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