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From a really young age I have been massively into dance music, particularly drum and bass, and had collected tunes on my laptop to listen to at home. Both my dad and my older brother are seasoned ravers and have definitely been my sources of musical inspiration. I got into mixing when I was about 17; a mate who was quite a bit older had a pair of decks, and we would play on them together. It clicked with me pretty quickly. I found it fun, and eventually got my own pair two years ago.

Sexism is rife in many walks of life and electronic music is often no different. It’s improved vastly in such a short space of time though, and I’m excited to see where it goes next. Look at techno: most of my favourite DJs happen to be women and are smashing it. They’re not my favourite because they are girls though, they’re my favourites because they are sick. It’s amazing to see people like Helena Hauff dominating the circuit, and if that inspires more girls to come through then that is fabulous. Over in the DnB scene things are much much slower, and lineups are still mostly 100% men, but I’m certain as time progresses and more girls come through the ranks things will change.

I don’t think anyone should be booked based on their gender though, and this isn’t what anyone should advocate for. People should be booked on talent. To make lineups more inclusive promoters should actively seek out more diverse talent, because there’s loads of it out there. This is how we can truly reach equality.

I DJ because dance music is my passion. There’s nothing I love more than being in a dark dingy room with my mates having a dance to some bangers. Getting to choose said bangers is wicked too; I play music that I really care about and want other people to enjoy. For me DJing is a hobby, and if it progresses into a career naturally then I certainly won’t be complaining.

Stevie Cox

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