Interview with Gracie Convert

1) Who/what are your influences?

I’m forever obsessed with noughties RnB . I’d say it’s probably that whole era that influences me rather than one particular artist (it’s way too hard to choose) , a few faves are Lauren Hill, Destiny’s Child, Joss Stone, Ashanti… I grew up listening to a lot of jazz too , so that definitely played a part

2) How did you first get into music?
I’ve always been really into it, can’t really remember how it happened tbh. I started performing at a really young age doing dance and theatre and stuff, so it was kind of intertwined with all that. MTV Base was definitely was what made me love R&b and Soul though! So much love for that channel, lol!

3) You’ve played some pretty cool places, whats your favourite gig you’ve played so far?
Hmmmmmm, such a tough one. Locally, my favourite gig was probably the October Soul Rebels at the Wardrobe, with Mansion of Snakes and Pé. Favourite London gig has to be Funk @ The Forge in Camden supporting the Haggis Horns, love em’. The Forge is closing down though, so sad !

4) Your new EP, what were the biggest influences for those songs?

The EP with my band Gracie is called ‘Conflictions’. They’re all love songs, so beware! It’s called Conflictions because I wrote the songs at a time when I was really confused about my relationships ( it happens ).
Harmonically , the tracks I wrote are more R&b based where as the tracks Julian and Frankie wrote harmony for are more jazzy, with a less commercial structure. I think it strikes a nice balance though and shows each member’s different musical background. Everything is very rhythmically driven, Chloe and Luke are the arrangement gods, they both have a big influence on the final overall sound of the tracks.

5) Any specific song that you really love off of that EP?
I’d probably have to say ‘Again’. It’s a sad song, it’s quite personal, and I have a soft spot for the guitar riff hehe.


Thank you Gracie! <3


Photos by Megan Roe – @meggtg

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