In conversation with Emilia J

Emilia J is a young sass-queen from Bristol, writing, creating and producing some seriously good music. With a new album coming, her tour starting, here is an interview with the blonde bombshell herself.

From spending a lot of her childhood in Mallorca, Emilia’s new single ‘Mind Games’ combines her love and appreciation for Spanish-influenced music. Over the last few years Latin vibes have become very frequent in the current charts and Emilia’s fresh take is inspired by her idols or “slay-queens”, as she likes to call them: Becky G, Camila Cabello and Little Mix.

Emilia told me that the story behind ‘Mind Games’ is basically: “my head and heart being in constant disagreement with a love interest – I think many of us girls can relate to this situation! In the end, it’s about following the vibes and having fun with life’s little dramas.” This is relatable; it is a topic that many audiences can identify with and appreciate. With her bright use of colours in her music video, that shines through in her music, this track is a summer song to help you dance away your love troubles.

Apart from the sass-queens, Ed Sheeran has been an influence for Emilia, stating that, “lyrically, this legend has already taught me so much about song-writing, just by becoming a fan of his.” Good old Ed. Emilia is also influences by the likes of Anne Marie and Demi Lovato, especially when she is trying to create high-energy lyrics. Emilia said that “these ladies’ lyrics really connect with me and I fall in love with the stories they tell through their music” and hopes that her music will do the same to her audiences.

When speaking with Emilia, I asked who she would love to collaborate with in the future. “My dream collaboration would actually be French Montana! I am obsessed with the likes of ‘Hurtin’ Me’ with Stefflon Don as well as ‘Tip Toe’ with Jason Derulo. French Montana actually liked my Tweet, so now I just tell everyone he knows that I exist!” I love this answer, especially with the reference to Twitter. Social media is very important to an artists presence and building an audience. Following Emilia, I know she works social media, she said she finds it “really positive” and “it allows interactions from all over the world and to share connections. Truthfully, I am one of those annoying people who lives on social media but it’s the best way to discuss all things music and to share my creations with everyone.” Without social media, Emilia and I would never have connected, and this interview wouldn’t exist, so agreeably, it is a positive platform for artists. Emilia also adds that she hopes her “posts can encourage people to feel good and to get from life what they need. It’s also the perfect platform to support and highlight relevant issues, which (maybe sometimes also annoyingly), you will also see me expressing my views on important aspects of life! Instead of posting pictures where everyone is pressured to be 100% happy all the time and to look a specific way, I like to instead portray an honest picture of my life at different moments.”

Even though Emilia is in her early twenties, I feel she has a lot of wisdom to share with her audiences. Her passion and positive energy is something that shines, not only through her social media, but her music. Here is some of her advice: “To undiscovered artists working their butts off to get further in this industry, I would say keep experimenting. Stay out of your comfort zone and get the whole world to jump on board with whatever it is you’re doing. There is only one version of you so don’t think you have to become someone else in order to succeed.”

Emilia’s future goals include her continuing to make herself known in the music industry. Building her profile and presence, she wants to keep exploring different genres of music and find her niche. Emilia is forever grateful for her Sass Queen followers who keep believing and pushing her to become the best version of herself.

Since reaching number five with ‘Radar’ in the club charts, Emilia’s music certainly is taking the world by storm. This year she has begun her journey with Alcon Sleeping Giant in LA under her first publishing deal, so things are really starting to get exciting. New music, new image and new skills to learn! Emilia hopes that ‘Mind Games’ “enlightens a new side to my artistry – I have had so much fun creating this whole package, so I would love the world to ride this journey with me! A massive thank you to everyone who has been involved so far!” All of us here at Girls that Gig wish her every success with her exciting adventure. Personally, I can’t wait to see her live. Might even try to party with her in London or LA.

Romey Norton

Image: Sum Art Design

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