Dream Wife @ The Wardrobe, 18/10/17

Don’t judge a book by its cover: this statement has never been more true than in the case of Dream Wife. Although their name suggests it, the Brighton-via- Iceland band are far from the stereotypically
perfect spouse. Instead, as their fanbase the Bad Bitches Club implies, they are feisty, badass and not to be messed with. This is evidence from the moment the trio step onstage at The Wardrobe, with
opener ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ juxtaposing abrasive post-punk guitars with twee shouts of “hey, hey, hey”.

New single ‘Fire’ is a pop song with fangs. Hook-filled and hugely catchy, yet drenched in distortion, giving the Strokes-eque guitar some bite. Whilst on ‘Lolita’ they challenge the connotations that come
with being a “dream wife”: “I’ve been your lady/ I’ve been your toy/ I’ve been your saviour/ And I’ve handled it like a boy” sings vocalist Rakel over a an urgent, piecing guitar that wouldn’t sound out of
place on a Gang Of Four record.

Infact, unlike a “dream wife” who is told to stay silent, the band are more than prepared to speak up for what they believe in. None more so than on ‘Somebody’, which tells the sadly all-too-common story of
sexual assault at gigs, the chorus’ statement of “I am not my body I am somebody” seems even more vital now in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

‘FUU’ is the highlight, though; there’s something menacing about the way Rakel sings “I’m gonna fuck you up/ I’m gonna cut you up,” as if butter wouldn’t melt. It’s this feminist call to arms that results in
a spontaneous stage invasion. There’s something very empowering about seeing the crowd of mostly teenage girls losing their shit on the stage whilst yelling, “I spy bad bitches”.

But then again that’s Dream Wife all over: empowering, badass and definitely not what you expect.

Shauna Stapleton

Image: Yes Please music agency

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