Dear White People: vol. 1

Dear white people,

“The sensitive conversations are not the ones we should be shying away from, they are the ones that should be spoke more often. Maybe then we can reach true understanding of each other.”

Now hands up, how many of you found that offensive?

It’s quite surprising how sensitive everyone becomes when discussing race. What’s even more surprising, is that it’s not the PoC in the conversation that get upset, it’s the white people who don’t agree with what the PoC have to say. That makes complete sense doesn’t it?

The truth of the matter is that there isn’t equality between race or gender, cultural appropriation is a thing and racism is real.

Unfortunately, in the Britain of today, we PoC, have the luxury of dealing with it via passive aggressive deliverance. Hooray!! I know right.

Now this blog is way past due. Think of this as a introduction. Prepare yourself for topics including appropriation, privilege, ignorance, silence, you name it. The purpose of this is enlighten and share my opinions not offend people. However get a tissue as I’m sure I will.


Angry black women everywhere

Art by Jess Brown

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