Dear white people: speak out

Dear white people,

Passive aggressive isn’t cute. Get used to that.

If you have an opinion about how I defend my race and culture, do us a favour: grow something strong and voice that opinion.

There is an eight out of nine chance that I personally won’t care, but it is sure as hell more respectable than whispering, “If I said half the things Daquan did, there would be an uproar.”

Yes there would be.

Because we aren’t equal. We stopped being equal the minute our ancestors were dragged from their thrones to your ships. From Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. A couple of boats stops to where we now know as the Caribbean, and we’ve arrived at our final destination of slavery.

Think about it this way: if we, black people, peacefully protest for Black Lives Matter, it means police everywhere, all lives matter, making (white) people uncomfortable. When white people violently protest for white supremacy, there are no police in sight, the KKK emerge, there is blood and death everywhere, and the white people who had everything to say when we said, “don’t wear that, it’s appropriation”, disappear.

Yet you say there’s equality? And we shouldn’t speak out against the obvious inequality?

I digress. If you feel offended by anything anyone says, you should be mature enough to say something directly too them. Basic human decency.

Now to the good bit.

If you get irritated, angry and defensive because you’ve been told that you can’t say the N word, that racism still exists or told “don’t touch my hair” *Solange voice*, it makes you kinda ignorant.

“OMG she called us ignorant, call the police.”

“My fragility, my privilege!”

“She called us racist, ARGGHH this is uncomfortable.”

Calm the fuck down. (P.S Why are you angry you can’t touch my afro)

My opinion on these matters: refusing to believe that there is such a thing as systematic oppression, be it racial or not, IS ignorant.

Just because everything’s alright with your life, doesn’t mean everything is okay. Just because you say hi to Tolu down the road, it doesn’t mean everything is okay. Just because you don’t touch Denequa’s hair, IT DOESN’T MAKE EVERY OTHER INJUSTICE OKAY.

So, if you’re too busy being uncomfortable with us speaking out and wishing we would stay silent, what’s the difference between you and the people who didn’t and still don’t want blacks or women or gays to have jobs? Can we not have opinions either? Well that’s a shame for the triple whammies: black gay women.

Speak your mind, defy the urge to be a non-confrontational Brit and most importantly, don’t be a passive aggressive bitch.

Angry black woman from Birmingham

Art by Jess Brown

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