Zena Presents SHE @ Night People, MCR, 5/3/18

It’s International Women’s Month on the Girls That Gig blog! A time for all women to acknowledge and celebrate how far we have come. Every woman has had her own journey in life. International Women’s Week is about self-love and love for all of the women around you. It is a reminder that we should never stop fighting for equal rights because women are everything: intelligent, strong and powerful. Women should never be treated any less than that, whether it’s in the workplace, the education system, the media or the music industry. There shouldn’t just be one month, one week, one day to commemorate our history and our progress: every day should be women’s day.

It is about women’s voices being heard. That is why Zena events and promotion company in Manchester is diligently working to put on gigs to encourage and showcase women musicians. The night is called, SHE.

Katie Pham & the Moonbathers

“Zena, sick! SHE, sick! International women’s week, sick!” Listening to Katie Pham and the Moonbathers is just like taking a bite into an orange. At first, their sound is sweet and juicy but the aftertaste has a zesty, zingy edge. Who doesn’t love oranges?

They start off with a cool, laid back vibe. Every time the shimmering guitar rang out a note, I imagined invisible bubbles seeping out of the speakers and floating over the audience heads. The bubbles satisfyingly pop and droplets of lush, mellifluous music showers down onto each individual. The audience is captivated.

If you take a peep through the chilled exterior of the band, a soft and innocent candyfloss-like nature appears. The vocalist shouts, “get ready for an emotional rollercoaster” before they perform their last couple of songs. Their awkward nature is expressed by the singer after she makes a comment about how gorgeous everyone is, following with “sorry that’s the result of being locked in a house for two weeks.” Although humorous, the band expressing their introverted side makes them seem even more relatable.

The Golden Age of TV

For The Golden Age of TV, a vase of flowers on an amp sits to the right of the stage and flowers are wrapped around the microphone stands. The artistic set up completely reflects the vocalist’s aura while on stage, peaceful and graceful. However, it does more than that. The flowers seem to represent the intricacy and complexity of this band, all the instruments intertwining. It’s chaos but in a good way; the eccentricity, the jumpiness and the sassy personality of the whole band makes you feel alive. Every part of every song reinforces the fact that the band are exceptional musicians. The euphonious vocals take the crowd in, making everyone dance and hang onto every note. It’s as if they are all able to overcome their fears and their struggles through their music, showing their strength as individuals and as musicians.


The playful, bubbly and enthusiastic personality and music of forestfires is endearing. Their heartfelt music never fails to put a grin on your face. Their boppy, occasionally clumsy, sing-along tunes should be put on your summer playlist. In no way does this mean they lack authenticity, though. Even though they hold an uplifting presence, the lead vocals are mellow, holding a great amount of depth – which contrasts with the glistening chords on the guitar. The colourful piano, smooth bass lines and angelic harmonies are immersive, the audience loving every second of it.

Zara Huxley

Photos by Vinny Giovanni

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