I’m new here so I feel that an introduction is necessary! I’m Amy, 20, an art student, mental health blogger and social media manager based in Manchester! I fill my spare time with all things art, skating and snails, (the snail thing I really dig), but most importantly, perhaps, I also sing/shout for all girl punk band WITCH FEVER.

I have been a part of various bands and musical projects since I was 14, mainly of the more metal/grunge persuasion, but haven’t been a part of anything for about a year as uni took over. Out of sheer luck the guitarist of Witch Fever found me and asked me to come along to a practice as after being a band for half a year they hadn’t managed to find a vocalist that fit! Of course I jumped at the chance, so here I am!

I was asked by Megan to share my views on what it’s like to be female and in the music scene – I already have many stories to tell, and many more to come I’d expect!


Amy Hope

Image: Lewis Burton

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