Volume One by Sixteen Records

Sixteen Records is a new record label specialising in electronic and alternative music, which aims to showcase artists from the Leeds area. Founded by producer Lotte van den Berg, the label also provides production, mixing, mastering and events services. Their first compilation album, Volume One, was released on the 23rd of May 2018. Volume One is a heavily-electronic DIY venture featuring the artists Dokkodo Sounds, Luna Pines, Ryan Hawkins, EYRE LLEW, Hannah Slavin, Jack Segal, Imi, JOULE, magic hour soundtrack, Regista, Loris and LELO.

Luna Pines’ pretty ‘Spring’ opens the album, followed by ‘I LOOKED AT THE SUN’ by LELO. Both songs are rich and well-produced, as are all that follow. Hannah Slavin’s ‘U & I’, along with Regista’s ‘Orange Sky’, feature soulful vocals set to dreamy beats. Hannah Slavin is proving to be a particularly exciting Leeds-based artist, as her other single released last year, ‘Daydream’, is also fantastic. The middle tracks of Jack Segal, Dokkodo Sounds and Imi are laidback, but Imi’s ‘Monolith’ is particularly lush and layered. Volume One is then picked up by Ryan Hawkins’ ‘Cinnamon’, which is light, fun and lyrically interesting, its pace standing in stark contrast to previous songs. This song has the potential to be a genuine hit, and will likely appeal even to those who don’t normally enjoy electronic music. ‘Havoc’ by EYRE LLEW, the longest track on the album, features rare hints of washed-out guitars. The final song, magic hour soundtrack’s ‘eventually i’ll catch fire’, wraps up the album and fits thematically with previous songs.

Overall, this record has a dreamy, laidback and reflective feel. All the featured artists sound incredibly polished and the production levels are consistently high. The album manages to remain cohesive despite its different sources, suggesting that there is much more to come from Sixteen Records in the future.

Listen to Volume Onehere.

Learn more about Sixteen Records here.

Jennah Rouse

Image: Sixteen Records

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