Go See Tree! Wednesday 27th at Leeds O2 Academy

Last week, we caught up with Tree and her band preparing for their gig at the O2 Academy.

Tree writes folk metal… wait what?

Tree is influenced by metal, thrash and hardcore, but uses traditional folk instrumentation forming a very interesting fairytale-like sound. The enchanting lyrics paired with her alluring voice dance gracefully over the warm bed of strings and thudding bass. Tree’s talents doesn’t stop there, she is also a very skilled guitarist, with remarkable dynamic control. Her guitar tone is on point, with harsh percussive sounds from her lighting fast hammer-ons and fierce strumming. She’s got feist and I love it.



Rebecca Ward – Viola, William Harrison – Viola, Lauren Oldacre – Cello, Tree – Guitar and Vocals

Here’s Tree with some of her lovely band bandmates. They work so well together; their communication during their playing is to be admired, as demonstrated in the video below.

Tree, Rebecca, William and Lauren have collaborated to make an other-worldly string arrangement that will make your hairs stand on end. It’s not one to miss. Tickets are available on the door. All proceeds go to Martin House Children’s Hospice. More event info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537529726550845/


Tree – Vocals and Guitar, Daniel Layton – Bass


Daniel Layton – Bass, Leroy Mears – Drums


Tree, Daniel and Leroy lead the band with their well crafted, inter-linking parts all executed with a great sense of rhythm, pitch and feel.


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