Single review: ‘Judder’ by jellyskin

‘Judder’ is the latest single from alternative genre-blending duo jellyskin. It is a self-described “change in direction from their usual music, to a more abrasive industrial tinged sound”, even citing influence from dubstep: “Kahn and The Bug, not the Skrillex kind Having not heard their previous music, I did not know what to expect but was intrigued by the description of the track and the mix of genres.

The abrasiveness and industrial element was clear from the offset. The song opens with a clatter of beats, a synth and distorted guitar all intertwining around each other in a chaotic, high-energy fashion.

The crunchy guitar then enters and gives the track a very dark and eerie feel which worked very well with the monotonous vocal line. The track is structurally minimalist, lacking a hook or catchy chorus, but it’s certainly not boring. The duo gradually introduce new elements to keep the listener engaged. It is sometimes difficult to make out the mumbly lyrics over the loud guitar which was a shame but from what I’ve heard they match the music: bizarre, but with interesting imagery.

The synth sound and drum machine brought to mind New Order and the vocal harmonies sounded similar to The XX. Genre-wise, they combine elements of industrial rock, psychedelic rock and alternative punk, but it’s difficult to pinpoint this track down to one genre.

Overall, it’s a powerful track which grips you with its creepiness. From hearing it, I am very excited to see what else will come from this duo. Fortunately, they have an EP which is being released in the summer, so we haven’t too long to hear what else this odd but interesting duo have up their sleeves.   

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Ella Patenall

Ella Patenall is a musician from North London who plays guitar and sings backing vocals in an acoustic duo. She loves writing about all things musical and keeps up a blog.  In her spare time she also enjoys going to gigs, collecting vinyl and boxing. In her day job, she works as a marketing executive. 

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