Review: ‘Waiting’ by Cara Hammond

A soulful, emotive open letter delivered by soaring vocals and touching lyrics

Cara’s vocals and lyrics alone are enough to make you want to listen again and again, as well as watch the music video on repeat. It’s easy to tell that, at only twenty years old, she is already a seasoned songwriter; Cara has been writing songs since the age of eleven and performing she was fourteen. Having received airplay on stations such as BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Introducing and West Yorkshire, Cara is already making her mark in the Leeds music scene and beyond.

‘Waiting’, the third song to be released accompanied by a music video from singer-songwriter Cara Hammond’s third EP Ray, pulls on the heartstrings and allows us a look into her world as she waits for somebody she fears will never come. The lyrics are filled with beautiful seasonal imagery and lines straight from the heart, such as “yeah, you hurt my soul // so ooh, I’ve got to let go,” (a personal favourite of mine!) These lyrical themes of letting go and mourning the loss of love are delivered by Cara’s serene yet strong vocals, reminiscent of the likes of Amy Winehouse and yet completely unique with raw emotion.

If these weren’t reasons enough already to give the song a listen, the instrumentation of the track is also outstanding and complimentary to the message of the song. The underlying bass line and gentle percussion allow Cara’s vocal to take the lead as she tells the story of the song, providing support and building slowly as the emotion does. The keys provide a thoughtful melody to the song that suits it perfectly and the guitar, playing soulful licks, highlights special key moments in the track.
Although she is based in Leeds, Cara’s roots lie in North Wales, and the music video for ‘Waiting’ was filmed in it’s picturesque, moody landscape. The location and Cara’s performance in the video truly captures the essence of the lyrics and shows an emotional performance from an already well-established, talented artist  – you don’t want to miss it.

Melissa Severn

(Image: Marcus Quate)

Find Cara on Facebook here: and be sure to listen more below!

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