Review: Transangelic Exodus by Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman is back!

Furman is about to release his latest album Transangelic Exodus, his first since 2015’s Perpetual Motion People. Things have been pretty busy since then; he played Glastonbury, the 6 Music festival and toured, a lot! Somehow in this time he also managed to release 2 EPs: A Record Store Day covers special named Songs By Others and the 6-track Big Fugitive Life. His seventh and latest album addresses a series of topics set against escaping an authoritarian government.

Transangelic Exodus is original, interesting and full of emotion. The album tells a vivid love story as well as exploring other themes such as his sexuality and the obstacles in understanding and accepting himself in ‘Compulsive Liar’. In ‘Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill’ Furman discusses his relationship with his Jewish religion. The song highlights a potential struggle with his faith and includes lyrics such as, “I don’t think I will be showing up at Synagogue at quarter past 7/Sometimes you go through hell and you never get to heaven/But I thank God who gives strength to the weary.” There’s also ‘Psalm 151’, another a religious nod to the story of David defeating Goliath.

The whole album is a mix of synthesised sounds and classical instruments with an overall sound that transcends a specific genre. Ezra has been open about having ADHD and not being able to focus on one thing, and perhaps this is where this creativity comes from. Furman is joined on the album by Jorgen Jorgensen playing bass and cello, Ben Joseph on keyboards and guitar and Sam Durkes with drums and percussion. The album is produced by Tim Sandusky, who also adds some evocative sax.

Ezra Furman is kicking off his tour in Leeds on Saturday 3rd February at the Brudenell Social Club.

Megan Jones

Image: One Beat Digital

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