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I consider myself a club lover in all its facets. I have been around parties and festivals since I was teenager, in Italy and all around the Europe as well. Music has always been part of my life, daily routine, my holidays, everything!

I have always loved to search for music, to go in depth in order to find the most beautiful tracks to listen to. So I think DJing was a natural step for me, to express all my dedication I put into finding the music. During my university years, I had the luck to be surrounded by people getting involved in music, first of all my boyfriend, so I decided to train myself every single moment I had available. My boyfriend is an experienced DJ so he gave me very useful tips to start in the best way.

Meanwhile, when I used to live in Italy, I started to be active in my area by organising little events in order to support local artists. It was a good testing ground to put into practice all the things I learned and I practised at home, from the technical skills to the musical selection. During and after this important experience, I started as a resident DJ for an important party in Naples called Nice To Be, and it allows me to improve my skills and challenge myself every time in big events with huge crowds!

As a female DJ, I don’t think I have experienced instances of sexism. Maybe you need to prove yourself more than a male DJ, but I dont care about that, because I try to do it with all my passion and dedication and I hope people around me get all these positive feelings. On the contrary I am experiencing so much positive things: now I live in the UK and when I moved here one year ago I was welcomed in the best way and people start to appreciate me as a DJ too. Now I run a monthly show on KMAH and I’m part of a lovely community of DJs and music lovers in Brudenell Groove. Moreover, with other amazing girls, we’ve started a project called Equaliser to highlight and enhance the talent of female, transgender and non-binary people by organising workshops and events.

My aspirations as DJ are to continue to create a stronger and stronger feeling with the people when I play but in the same time to express myself without compromising my personality and to play music in many different parts so that I can absorb all the good influences from my experiences. It’s hard work, but I’ll try to do my best.

Marinella Contestabile

Image: Alessandra Coppola

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