Mali Hayes @ Headrow House, 18/2/18

Mali Hayes is a new and upcoming artist of the north, with fabulous style, voice and hair.

I recently saw Mali Hayes and her band performing at Headrow House in Leeds city centre, and even though the venue was freezing her personality warmed up the room.

Coming on stage without any shoes on was initially questionable, but she owned it and did address it to the audience, saying it was “her thing” and that she was indeed freezing because of it. It was just her quirkiness coming out on stage which just added to her cute and gentle presence on stage.

Her music is a mixture between pop, some soul and with some new recent tracks, there is even some rap. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the rap side and it worked very well. It brought a new dimension and spiced up the set. Mali has a soft, clean voice, creating a calming, chill tone to her music. Two tracks that really stood out were ‘Back To Me’, one of her most recent singles, and ‘Hate On Me’. Both songs contain strong, emotive lyrics and her passion when she sang them strongly stood out.

Her band only compliment her, the keys player having some serious talent; the whole group together give off a low-key, non-flashy, indie vibe, which is exactly what you need in your life sometimes.

With new music in the works, and gigs around the UK and a potential tour abroad, this girl is one to watch out for. A favourite at the Manchester Jazz festival in 2017, hopefully we’ll see her there again.

Romey Norton

Image by George Holliday

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