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My Baby are an up-and-coming indie outfit from Amsterdam, fronted by Cato Van Dyck. Girls That Gig’s head honcho Megan Roe interviewed Van Dyck ahead of the band’s Glastonbury appearance, in anticipation of the release of their third album Prehistoric Rhythm. Q Magazine has said that, “My Baby serve up acid-fried country stompers that will haunt your dreams for weeks.” Megan caught up with Cato to find out what all the fuss is about.

What is your favourite outfit to wear on your stage?

I love wearing kimonos and Afghan jewelry, they make me feel like an ancient oriental voodoo priestess. And I always play bare-feet. Makes me feel earthed, and I feel the vibrations of the bass riffs I play and the kick drum way better. And even turn a little knob on my pedalboard with my toe 😉

What is your dream guitar?
Any guitar Robert Johnson played. Like a 1920’s Stella, for example

What’s your favourite thing about being from Amsterdam?
Everywhere I go people always seem to loooove Amsterdam, for various reasons I guess 😉

What inspires you to make music?
The amazing feeling it gives to hype up an audience and the exchange of energy happens during a concert

Who has inspired you most to be a musician?

My dad. He was a doctor himself but I’m sure he would have loved to become a musician when he was young, if he had the opportunity. He always gave me the feeling that I had it in me and pushed me in the right way.

How would you describe ‘indie’?
Being an independent women and not giving a fuck 😉

Coffee or tea?

Coffee in certain counties and tea in others. When I’m in the U.K. or in New Zealand I drink black tea with a splash of milk. I don’t do that at home but as soon as I cross those borders I feel like it.

Vinyl or CDs?
Well, that’s a no-brainer: vinyl. I love spinning records on my pickup at home. Especially while I’m cooking, a thing that I rarely do nowadays, unfortunately. It’s a way more present way of listening to music. You have to turn the side every 20 min, the vinyl makes you work for it and listen to whole albums again in stead of just songs.

Interview by Megan Roe

Images courtesy of BAM! PR

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