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Leeds girl band Lunar Sounds is a completely DIY band. Talking to Anna and Caris of the trio, formed by Anna Reed, Chesca Henderson-Cox and Caris Shekell, they tell me they wish more people asked them about their DIY ethos. “We do everything we can by ourselves. Right from mixing and mastering to the artwork and socials, and the admin. Oh my god, the admin work. No one ever asks about the admin work, probably because it’s boring.”

Delving into their reason for doing everything themselves, they say they had the skills needed for it and so decided to put them to use.

“Partly, we felt we had the skills required and we were happy to use them, but partly we didn’t want too many cooks. We want full control. We kind of didn’t want outside control where people would tell us, ‘why don’t you do this’; that way it just feels like a collaborative effort with other people rather just between us three. It feels a little bit like an idea that’s been put into our heads rather than our own.”

They are currently gearing up to the release of their debut EP The Void. With a theme that explores breaking through the darkness of anxiety, the band hopes that listeners can relate to their music. “It’s not super dark. It’s just about the highs and lows in life. The lyrics were mainly inspired by where we were individually, before we were in a band. Song-writing is how all of us make ourselves feel better.”

The trio describe their sound as alt-rock that’s “rough around the edges”, with a mashup of chilled out, mellow pop offset by their heavier post-punk influences. Personally and professionally influenced by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Blondie, Patti Smith and Siouxsie and the Banshees, their music is a bit of everything.

Asking them what they hope listeners could take away from their music, they tell us their hope is that people connect to their lyrics. “We want people to relate to the music. We try to write about actual things that happen, and our actual perspective of it. So we want people to believe it. We aren’t just throwing words together it sounds good and it rhymes, we try to have an actual point with it.”

Their music is cathartic to them and they say, catharsis among the audiences is something they aim for with their music. “We want them to dance to our music because they get where we are coming from. We want them to maybe get some of their anger out as they listen to our music. It’s cathartic for us, so we want it to be cathartic for the listeners as well.”

Moving on to talk about memorable moments in their career as a band, they tell us, “The highlight is just how well everything is going. We get such nice feedback all the time from promoters and all sorts of people. Richard from the 360 Club in Leeds, he’s been super supportive right from the jump, which has been really nice to have”

“Another highlight would be getting into the Leeds Emerging contest. That was pretty great, because hundreds of people applied for that and we are a pretty new band with a pretty rough demo. But they heard something in it that they like, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for with our music. That people are actually hearing a slightly fresh perspective on feelings we all have”

The band has a lot of things planned for the future. Talking about what’s next for them they reveal, “We don’t have a date for it yet but our EP release. We’ve got a couple of gigs coming up. In October, we’ve got a Youth Anthem gig, which is a daytime gig for people of all ages. That should be fun. We’ve got something else coming up in November, after which we are going on break; a writing trip. We want some time to put together some more songs before we go on our next bout of gigs.”

Continuing on about what’s next, they reveal that they are planning on releasing music videos and eventually building towards a future album. “We are also planning on a few different music video concepts to promote our EP. And more admin as well, yay! So yeah, we’ve got a lot of stuff coming up.”

The group with friendly personalities, DIY ethos and fresh yet relatable music, seem ready to take the music world by storm.

Malvika Padin

Featured image: courtesy of the artist

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