“I’m Not Trying To Rub You”

On Thursday night my band WITCH FEVER played a gig. It was a pretty special one for us as the day before it we’d found ourselves a wonderful manager, got involved with a label and confirmed a gig in Camden so we were celebrating!

The set went well, despite some technical difficulties, and people seemed to love it. We came off stage and I went outside to cool down with my friend when a very tanned, very bald man ran up to me and picked me up by my waist with his bulging steroid arms and told me I’m gorgeous. I immediately demanded he put me down to which he said “I’m not trying to rub you, but I will rub you if we go inside, I don’t care if you don’t want to”. I said about 5 times very loudly and firmly “walk the fuck away” and he stumbled off as people around me realised what was going on. There was a bit of a shouting match, and he ended the delightful conversation with “I could beat up all of you”.

My friend Alice was stood there the whole time and as he walked away she said “it isn’t your god given right to touch anyone”, and that really resonated with me because I realised that a lot of the men I have the misfortune of meeting on a night out truly believe that it is. More often than not they are pretty drunk, but that’s no fucking excuse.

I’m fucking tired of people thinking that it’s okay to literally manhandle me just because I’m young and small. Fortunately most guys that come to my gigs are super sweet, but it seems as soon as alcohol touches the lips of the few that aren’t, I become meat. I am not meat. Just because part of my on-stage presence is about exploring sexuality and pushing boundaries on what is ‘appropriate’ does not mean I am down to shag. In fact one of my lyrics literally is “my legs are shut, no business here” so I really couldn’t make it any more obvious.

But I’m determined to not let sexist pigs of men ruin my experience.


Amy Hope

Image: Asupremeshot

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