Fruit & Flowers @ The Lock Tavern, LDN, 2/6/18

Fruit & Flowers delivered a fun, energetic and packed-out gig in Camden’s iconic small venue, The Lock Tavern.

“Have you ever seen them play? They are brilliant,” I was told by a fan prior waiting for Fruit & Flowers to start their set. I was pretty excited to see what they would deliver.

Having somehow always missed events at the Lock Tavern in Camden Town, this was my first time checking out the venue and it certainly won’t be my last. The venue has a cosy room upstairs with a generous-sized stage and well stocked little bar.

When the loud, fast, tom-filled drums entered, I knew this would be a lively performance. Their energy level increased throughout the set until towards the end, the lead singer/ bassist was down on her knees playing bass and even stepped into the floor to play among the audience.

Fruit & Flowers share a lot of the vocals in their songs, with the two guitarists starting off the vocals in three of the tracks. It’s very rare to find a band with three really good singers, but Fruit &Flowers certainly nailed it.

The lead guitarist was particularly strong; her solos were awesome, her vocals were great and she enjoyed a good rapport with the audience. The rhythm guitarist, although more subdued, had amazing vocal capabilities, singing with a smooth, folky voice; a nice contrast to the loud crunchy guitars.

The lead vocalist, although slightly awkward when addressing the audience, was not at all like this when performing. She played with heaps of energy: head banging, dancing and moving around the stage.

The drummer’s arms must have been aching after that event, because he didn’t hold back. He played brilliantly, changing quickly from slow tempo to super-fast, and hit the drums like there was no tomorrow.

The highlights were the song about Trump (although not initially about him). The yell-singing of “you’ll be a sorry man if I see you again” was a firm nod to Riot Grrrl and brought the energy up a notch. 

For fans of Warpaint, The Runaways and The Kills, I would certainly recommend catching Fruit & Flowers during their next UK tour, which, judging by the reaction of the crowd, is likely to be soon.

Ella Patenall

Image: Holly Peck

Ella Patenall is a musician from North London who plays guitar and sings backing vocals in an acoustic duo. She loves writing about all things musical and keeps up a blog.  In her spare time she also enjoys going to gigs, collecting vinyl and boxing. In her day job, she works as a marketing executive. 

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