Chambers’ Awesome Set at Verve, Leeds

"Disappear" - Chambers' latest single is out Friday 5th August 2016

When we arrived at the bar-venue combo that is Verve, the music was ear-shatteringly loud. When we ventured down into the basement venue, we immediately realised why.

Chambers specialise in heavy, aggressive riffs and keep everything firmly turned up to eleven from beginning to end. The female duo blend Royal Blood style guitar riffs with the attitude of 90’s grunge to create their wonderful live performance which is sure to impress and intimidate in equal measure.

In the dark cramped basement venue, Aeris made full use of what little stage they had by grinding her guitar against the pa system and even her own pedal board to produce otherworldly screams of feedback. During the middle of the set, Aeris left her guitar feeding back and ventured into the crowd, squaring up to fans and screaming politically charged lyrics into their faces.

Sat at the back of the stage, head banging ferociously, was the hard hitting Ellie Churchill. Providing the foundation for Chambers’ heavy riffs and heavier screaming is her job; and its a job she does exceptionally well.

Despite them only being a two piece, they fill every frequency on the spectrum in a spectacular musical onslaught which leaves you wanting more as soon as they leave the stage. They are an excellent example to girls everywhere and prove that you can aspire to be more than just another Beyoncé.

Elliott Musgrave

Image: Ralph Barklam via Facebook

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