People ask me why it’s necessary to introduce my band as an ‘all girl punk band’ rather than just ‘a band’. It seems some get irritated by the fact that I’m proud of being a part of an all-female group that make punk music, and I’ve even heard some pull the whole ‘well you wouldn’t say all-guy punk band so why is it needed?’

In an essay I read recently by Jade Anouka named ‘Hotspur: Superwoman’ she states ‘what we usually see on stage, what has become the norm, is lots of men with the odd woman thrown in’. It is true. I can’t speak for all genres of music, but especially within mainstream pop, rock and metal, the lines-ups are either all male, or female fronted, with the majority of the female fronted using sex appeal to get attention. When was the last time you saw the lass from Halestorm come on stage in jeans, or Beyonce performing in more than a leotard? And yeah, I get it, if that empowers them, go for it, but personally I don’t see whats so empowering about little girls watching their brothers drooling over the tits and arse of their idols.

It is necessary to put ‘all-girl’ in front of ‘punk band’ because it gives us a niche that many other acts don’t have. We play our instruments, we do it well, and we are women. We are loud, gobby, opinionated, and we are women. We find empowerment in the parts of our bodies that aren’t considered ‘sexy’, and we take advantage of the fact that most will be expecting otherwise. We want you to find us sexy because of the words we say, the way we play and the aggression we aren’t afraid of displaying, not our tits (a body part that half the world has).

We now have a new band page and logo – check us out! https://www.facebook.com/witchfever/?fref=ts


Amy Hope

Image: Witch Fever

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